UPI (Universal planning instrument)

The demand on management software for mobile services has increased enormously in recent years. On one hand the functions for planning assignments are comprehensive; on the other hand the tool should be clear and easy to use. Additionally, processes also need to be upgradeable flexibly and easily.

With the specifically developed product UPI we are innovation leader in the social economy. With UPI a software package for the service and contingency planning was developed by SobIT GmbH, which is customized and consistently focused on all the special requirements for a management tool for mobile services. UPI can be customized to meet the requirements and needs of any organization.

UPI consists of the following components

Master Data Management

All data required for scheduling and billing of clients and task forces can be recorded and processed. Additionally, UPI provides the ability to maintain doctor master data and manage resources such as service vehicles, mobile phones and SIM cards.

Care planning

The individual demand for the home care of a client often differs remarkably. For example it is possible to record that a certain client needs to be serviced from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday by an employee with the skill home help service. Assignments are automatically generated according to this demand.

Resource planning

When rostering several questions arise: How many employees are required? What qualifications do they need to have for a certain activity? For which period staff will be needed? Where is the place of support? Here all individual records can be created, moved and canceled.

Tour planning

This component can be used for long-term scheduling of homecare demand of clients to use so-called ordinary field personnel.

Staff Roster

UPI also provides the possibility to plan base and frame staff rosters in compliance with the Austrian BAGS  collective bargaining agreement.


As a matter of course comprehensive analysis of all record in UPI data for different user groups (planners, payroll, controlling and management) is available.


User permissions, data archiving, parameters, etc. can be managed in the admin area.

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