Field-proven applications

A custom-made respectively well designed software landscape in an organization can accelerate processes and help to automate bothersome routine activities and to deal with very large amounts of data. The all-digital data work flows are not only more transparent and accountable, but also faster and more stable (e.g. the elimination of double recording). Clear and consistently documented processes improve quality and eventually improve the performance. All of this will only be achieved if the software is really customized for the purpose – unfortunately, this is often not the case. For us as formerly internal service provider the software development is our youngest and at the same time the most growing area.

In 2008 we redesigned one of our customer's key software packages: a database solution that manages several hundred employees in the field. It plans, controls and manages several thousand serviced clients and 30,000 assignments a week. The resulting product "UPI" (Universal planning instrument), which was developed over 3 years and is in successful operation for about 2 years by now, is presented to you in the product section. Additionally, other applications have been develped in recent years: the integration of an open source solution in the area of service desk management (including issues such as change and release management and a CMDB) as well as customized interfaces applications and web applications. The common focus always was on a demand-oriented, prompt and efficient solution to the problem that came up in the daily work of our customer.

Customized solutions

Whether it is the adaptation of our existing products, the independent supervision / consultation in context of the allocated projects or a complete new development: We offer the digital support to achieve business goals on basis of recognized and modern technologies and project management concepts. By combining technical knowledge and comprehension of existing problems and organizational processes we create solutions that optimally support the users and thereby convince in means of suitability for daily use.